blog post: a butg that needs to be fixed in pages.

The following is a youtube video I sent to apple regarding this nasty pages bug that I and some others found regarding this almost wonderful piece of software.

This is a bug that seriously needs to be fixed, and fixed in a hurry. Here is how to reproduce if you want to try.

How to reproduce

  • Create a document that spans more then 1 page.
  • Select text from 1 page to another, for example, 2 lines on page one then an additional 2 lines on page 2
  • Notice that the selection you just did on page 1 becomes unhighlighted. This can be verified with vo f6

the problem

This can make selecting text that spans more then 1 page difficult, almost nearly impossible. People can do this with a mouse so why can’t we do this with voice over? The work around is to put a page brake in above the text you want to select. This is counter intuitive in my opinion. If you forget to take the page brake out it will look a bit odd and jumpy when it comes time to print the document out, or turn it in, or what not. Apple really needs to fix this bug. I have emailed apple regarding this; here is their response thus far on March 24, 2014.


Thank you for your email.  We appreciate the feedback and will pass this on to the appropriate people for their consideration. >

this have been their emails to me over the past few years so we’ll see what if anything happens in a minor update. I also encourage you all to maybe call the hot line as well at 877-204-3930 and show them the issue. The more of us that are professionally nice about this and can show them what happens, I think they will be more inclined to fix the issue, and it will help them solve the issue as well..

I want to know what response you get from apple as well regarding this, also leave a review on the mac app store regarding pages and this bug.

Your feedback helps the podcast/blog as well, so please feel free to leave it in the comment area below, and feel free to share this as well.

blog post: changes I see in ios7.1

Hello to all. This morning, or maybe it was last night, apple released ios7.1. I was going over the changes on the applevis blog and I noticed some oddities. One of them though is very annoying and hope it can be fixed.

The bluetooth keyboard that you use may generate odd looking characters that look like IPA symbols or even cr (carriage returns). Restarting the keyboard works, how ever when you switch windows the bug might or might not crop up again.


I reported this bug to apple in early october or november and as of yet it has not been fixed. They did say the were working on a fix, so we will see in the next minor release if this happens.


Does this bug happen to you? if so what is your work around? Post comments or email me feedback on this post using the form below. Thanks all.

blogpost: tip: showing all apps in iOS: from a voice over perspective

Here is an
iOS tip
I learned from a twitter user who retweeted a blog. Here is how to do said tip in voice over.

  1. from your home screen swipe down with 3 fingers after touching an icon. Make sure it is not the ones on the doc.
  2. type any character such as a back slash. I will use a period (.) in this example
  3. Now flick from the top of the window and you will notice every single app that you have installed. This will work even if the app is inside a folder.

I hope someone enjoys this tip and how to do this using voice over. If someone needs a podcast I can quickly do one but some people like to read the posts in text.

if you have any questions feel free to get hold of me from the contact page or call (641) 715-3800

and enter the access code:

a look at bubble island

I take a look at buble island, a game that is just a time waister, but it’s fun nevertheless. I go through game play and take a look at the levels and even level up. there are some issues with the game but it is quite easy to work around. Have fun.


an entertaining look at blocking calls in ios7

In this episode I take a look at how to block and unblock callers. This was at the request of a twitter follower. Thanks for the suggestion and if I got your handle wrong in the podcast you still know who you are. I block a friend of mine and you get to hear what happens when a call is blocked. I then unblock them and we test that. Enjoy the podcast and any feedback is welcome. [signoff]

Looking at the new and updated find my friends for iOS app

In this episode I take a look at the new find my friends app for ios. It has a lot of work as the interface in my opinion as I state in the podcast has taken a step backwards. Feel free to leave feed back on apple’s feed back page.[signoff]

looking at the new audio boo app

In this ep I take a look at the new
audio boo
released today, november 11 2013. there are some issues such as downloads not being able to be removed even with voice over and the swipe jester. Over all the interface is pretty good. If you have any questions or feed back Feel free to contact
on twitter.


Looking at papa sangre ii part 2.2

I take a look at papa sangre, up to the next level over. The levels are getting more complex, but this walk through is fun. lol! I was lulled in to thinking I was safe at the end, but I was not as you will see. [signoff] :

blog post: How to make a bootable mavericks disk using voice over and disk utility


IN this article i’ll attempt to go over how to make a bootable disk using mavericks and voice over. You will need access to the terminal and the disk utility and an 8 gb or higher flash drive to do this with. So here we go.

Format your flash drive

  1. launch disk utility
  2. connect your thumb drive
  3. in the table, go to the root of the thumb drive that is the brand name and size, not the name underneath such as untitled.
  4. Stop interacting with the table and go to the partitions tab.
  5. Press vo space on it. and choose 1 partition from the pop up button. You will loose what ever is on this drive.
  6. Navigate to the format and choose from the pop up button osx extended journaled.
  7. Navigate to options and press vo space.
  8. Choose guid partition skeem and hit ok.
  9. go to apply and confirm.

After your drive is reformatted you can proceed to the next step.

show all files in the finder

When you have reformatted your drive you will need to show all files in osx. You will need to do this to access some hidden files under the app for mavericks which you should have downloaded from the app store and kept some ware, both in your applications folder and an external drive.

  1. launch the terminal by hitting cmd shift u from the finder window and opening the
  2. paste this command in to the terminal and hit enter

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    if you are in mavericks the case is different.

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

  3. Enter this command in to the terminal

    killall Finder

  4. relaunch. This should show all files no matter what it is. Be very careful in this mode from here to the end.

Make the boot disk

Now you are ready to proceed. You will need disk utility and the knowledge of the drag drop ways in voice over. I use the newer method as it seems to work better then the old method.

  1. From the applications folder if you still have the mavericks app file there, hit vo shift m and choose show package contents.
  2. Navigate to contents, then to shared support..
  3. Open installesd.dmg
  4. Once that is loaded go to “BaseSystem.dmg” and hit cmd down arrow. if that does not work hit vo shift m and choose to open it.
  5. Now go back to disk utility and find “BaseSystem.dmg” and press vo space on the restore tab.
  6. Once done check to see if that is the source.
  7. If it is, go to your partitioned drive or what ever you called it, for example 10.9 and press vo plus the , key. (you need to have punctuation shown to see the symbol, but basically it’s the key below the k on a qwerty keyboard).
  8. hit b for basesystem.dmg and make sure you are still on the restore tab.
  9. go to the text that says drag image here, or something to that effect and press vo period. on that text.
  10. If you are lucky you will hear item dropped on what ever that text says. Verify that you see your partition there.
  11. Now, hit restore and wait for your flash disk to be restored.
  12. When the finder opens stay in that window and make sure you are in list view by hitting cmd 2.
  13. Now navigate to the system folder, then installation, then remove the file packages.alius.
  14. Open a new finder window and go to your installesd.dmg and copy the packages folder to the clip board.
  15. Close the window with cmd w.
  16. Now paste in the packages folder in the window you are in.

When you are done you can hide all files by entering

  • for 10.8 and below

  • and for mavericks the command is

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

Test the drive

Once you are done you can test the drive by going to your system prefs and start disk, then navigating through the radio buttons. If you see BaseSystem you did it, you might have to rename the drive if you want to, but that’s how you make a bootable drive. Note, it will look different, that is the table of utilities are missing but this does indeed work.



p>As you can see making a bootable drive is not impossible, it just takes patience. But if you follow the steps above you should be ok. I Welcome your comments and questions via the blog post.

looking at run keeper: an iOS app

I take a look at
run keeper,
an iOS app that lets you keep track of your walking, driving, etc. There are several accessaries you can buy, but I take you on a live walk to show how the controls are laid out. enjoy [signoff]