Looking at what’s new in apple

Apple has come out with a lot of new innovations. Let’s stake a look at them.

  • apple watch
  • watch OS
  • iPhone
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 10
  • wireless charging

As you can see a lot has ben covered in the short 1 hour 55 minute broadcast.

As always comments and discussions are more than welcome.

Exhibit hall interviews part 01 July 12 2017

We take a look at several companies including

  • orcam
  • at&t
  • envision America
    *hidow (I can’t spell that)

There were a lot more companies however you will have to tune in and find out.

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Let’s craft a kingdom

I take a look at crafting kingdom an iOs game which is a fun game to play just to play. It does have some accessibility issues and focus issues with voiceover but the developer is hard at work trying their best to fix the issues. I really am loving the game.

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Let’s play with reverb. No, not sound this time.

I take a look at [reverb](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reverb-for-amazon-alexa/id1144695621?mt=8) an iOs app that will let you use most of what alexa has to offer, except for music. The app is somewhat easy to use but I had trouble in the alexa app itself toward the end of the podcast.

Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback.

addendum to threema: sharing and accessing non mp3 files

Having trouble opening that file a user sent you? Here is 1 of probably many solutions. I actually want to hear more of them as this might be more common than we think.

Join me for this episode where I present only 1 of as stated many solutions to this issue.

Feedback is more than welcome. Leave it in the disqus frame etc.

Let’s go for a supply run in zombies run: endless missions

I continue the demo of zombies run by doing an endless mission. My goal is to make it to a mile. Do I accomplish this task?

Any comments and questions can be left at the disqus frame and discussed in our forum. See you in Able.

apple watch tip: viewing your activity in a widget.

In this short podcast I take a look at how to view your apple watch activity in a widget. Basically you will do this from your today screen in iOs 10. iOs 9 you will look at your notification center in the today section.

looking at zombie’s run

In this episode I take a look at zombie’s run. You will get to hear me go over the app, then do the first mission. Continue reading “looking at zombie’s run”

blog post: a big issue with roger

<p>I recently sent the following memo to the roger team so they could take a look. If you would like to skip past it go head. I'll update you guys at the bottom of the memo with a summary of their reply ad my thoughts.</p>


The following covers a big problem with roger regarding battery and iOs devices. I’m using iOs 10 on an iPhone 6 64 gig.

Although this is a wonderful app I noticed over the last 5 days and over the last 24 hours battery usage was quite high, even when the program was on the screen for 1.5 hours. This is a huge issue the developer team must look at as even with a battery case I dropped from 54 percent to 32 percent, in the case of the case, and that was with roger in the background.

Notice that Roger takes up about 63 percent and an average figure not an exact one.

The day statistic is even worse and that’s when I don’t have it on screen. I can have it in the background and the phone will drop to 85 percent in about 30 minutes or less. This issue really must be looked into

the following shows about 68 percent with 1.5 hours on screen and the rest of the time in the background over 24 hours.

Although the app is getting better in terms of battery usage, the developers need to look into what’s going on as I’m hearing reports from other users who are having the battery issue. This by the way is with out voiceover on. I tested it today.


They came back to me about 3 hours later with a reply basically stating that the battery issues had to do with conversations. If you are in any larger ones your battery will drain.

This makes sense, however I’ve used other apps with groups with up to 100 people and the battery never drained. I also use my device in air plain mode and my battery still drains with roger. This in my opinion should not happen, as the app is not uploading anything to the server but storing the recordings locally on the device.

Notice that you can listen to and queue recordings to be uploaded when in airplane mode. the app still takes up more battery than it should, even in this case.

One more thing. I can have roger closed out of the app switcher, and the app is able to bypass all of apple’s safeguards and still be able to be used in the background. That is, you can still listen to and talk to people with out the use of roger. I’m actually surprised apple let this slip. Also if background app refresh is turned off roger will still let you know with the app in the background and out of the app switcher if someone talked to you, this also should not happen. One more thing. Sometimes roger is not even in the app switcher and I’ve heard some feedback that users can still hear other people on roger even when the app is not even launched. This is a big flaw in security to me and should be fixed.

Now I’m not a coder by nature, but I think this is a huge security risk. I’m in several groups where we are discussing these and other points. I’ll give info at the bottom of this message. Noe I’m not talking about the widget. I’m talking about when you have live play both enabled and disabled. I want to be wrong on that point actually.


I think if we take the time to email roger with a very professional explanation of what is going on and that the battery usage should be more efficient, they might fix the app.


I have a roger group where you can discuss the program and its uses. If you want to join click this link in safari on iOs and click open in roger. You can also click that in mac os and share it with iDevice with air drop. Roger will then open and you will be auto added into the group.

See you there, and let’s discuss.