blog post: Why I’m a federationist

People often ask me why I belong to the national federation of the blind. I could give the generic minute message we have, but I believe our own words speak loudly as well. Here’s my answer to the question.

#why I belong to the NFB.

Why am I a federationist?? I’m a big believer in technology. I believe technology has and will continue to help the blind, however it costs a lot. A simple machine for embossing (that is brailing from a computer on to paper) cost about 5-50 grand, and that’s new. A braille display (a contraption that turns computer screen output into braille right a way for a user) cost between 500 to 5000 dollars. This must stop. I’m aware most of us are buying our stuff through services for the blind in what ever state/country you live, however that gives companies no excuse to charge an arm and leg for the technology. I know companies need to make a profit, I have 2 small businesses so I get it, however this is wrong on so many levels. As a federationist I feel that by making my and others’ voices heard we can stop this treatment of the blind and disabled.


I take a look at blidn square as I head to UNLV. I go over more of its features including simulation of places and checking in to places via 4sq. The next podcast will be when ‘m going back, except yo hear it in real time with out me explaining what is going on.

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