blog post: samsung attempts to sue apple to get rid of voice over on all iOS devices

Yes you read the subject right. the patent troll also known as samsung is attempting to get rid of voice over on all iOS devices. here is the link to the story on the bbc. And here is an email posted by a list member. I got his permission to post this. and I agree 100 percent.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please forgive my email but a very valuable piece of information has been brought to my attention that affects blind IT users everywhere who use apple hardware. For those who know and those who don’t. Samsung Electronics has filed a patent removal case against Apple. inc over the accessibility component called “Voiceover” also it’s other assistive technology components developed over iOS. To set the record straight on this, Voiceover for both OS X and iOS is developed by apple and NOT samsung electronics. The assistive technologies pack built into iOS is developed by Apple and NOT samsung. With this attack from Samsung against apple, If a court rules in favour of Samsung, Apple will be forced to remove Voiceover and all assistive components related to the iOS interface. This will affect all blind and visually impaired / print impaired users as well as those with complex learning and communication disabilities. We as a disabled community must stand firm and support the necessary bodies connected to fighting against Samsung Electronics challenge against apple. If Samsung are allowed to continue, they would be found guilty through a class action suit of disability discrimination and human rights violations. So that anyone on the internet reads this message, If you’re a manufacturer or developer of hardware / software, understand that disabled people use your products and have an equal right to use your products as well as you. Imagine if you will, a situation where you woke up to see nothing but black for the rest of your life and have to rely on your other senses to work for you, you won’t be able to drive, read a newspaper, NOTHING AT ALL! without support and adaptive technologies and toools. These products exist for a reason, to promote equality. Please forgive this off topic email. We must do something proactive and legal to make ourselves heard. We are human, just like the rest. Just because we cannot see clearly or at all, does not mean we cannot exist in this world. When we are walked all over, do we not feel pain? When we are wounded, do we not cry out? We are equal to all others and just because our bodies are impaired in one way or another, Don’t shut us out. We are just like you!

So what are we going to do. Boycoting is not an option as there are too few of us to do it and it will not hurt them. I’d like your thoughts and comments regarding this matter. Do you think it’s a good idea for samsung to block voice over and all accesses functions of the iOS devices just so they can take over?


Author: Sarah Alawami

licenced amature radio operator, loves to read and sing.

  • Alicia

    The whole reason that I got my boyfriend the apple phone is because of his disability he is legally blind if they take away our voice over my partner will not be able to read his msgs and he will have to rely on me to read it to him taking away his right to use the service and his right to be independent

    • I agree. I heard that a European court is throwing the case out, but we’ll see. This reminds me of the lawsuit freedom scientific file and won in regards to Microsoft building a screen reader for their operating system. I don’t think this case will go any ware and I hope I’m right this time.

  • I know this isn’t going anywhere.

    • I thick though the reason samsung is trying and hopefully failing to sue apple is this. Samsung are Korean based and in that area and most of that part of the world and a bit in the middle east area as well, they want the blind and disabled to be segregated and be helpless. I know that’s harsh and it’s slowly changing, but if you think long and hard about this and do some action research you will know that this is true. I lived in that part of the world for 5 years and I know this is so. Sad but this attitude toward the disabled is slowly but Shirley changing through the efforts of the disabled here in the united states and other countries wherein they can do what ever they want at will. thanks to technology and a lot of advocacy.

      Thanks for the comment. it is well appreciated.