blog post: a rant against the REV Corporation

I normally don’t’ rant on a subject unless I’m feeling the need to expose flaws in a company, project, review, person, etc. Today’s rant is going to be about the rev company.

I went to apply on Saturday February 21 with their transcription service to try and get work there. After all you can learn a lot when you transcribe audio in to text, for example wood working etc. The beginning was accessible on the website, I had to do the following.

  1. List my contact info
  2. Provide a writing sample.
  3. transcribe a piece of audio
  4. Upload my resume.

All of this went well until the transcription. The editor is half way accessible. It has keyboard shortcuts, but when you need to edit a mistake you cannot. No text is echoed when you arrow through by line, word, etc. I should add the style guide is half way usable with google docs.

I submitted my entry to the best of my ability. I then wrote them the following email.

My name is Sarah Alawami and I just submitted an application to become a transcriptionist. I might have bombed the transcription part but i assure you it was not me.

I’m visually impaired and have issues with the editor. Is there another way I can redo the transcription, perhaps type it out in text edit then paste it all in to the box? I can work easier in there, or i can redo the test and send it to you in word doc format or pdf. I had a bit of trouble with the slides and style guide, how ever I did try my best with what I could read with my screen reader. I want to make this easier on the staff of REV. I use your product on my iPhone all and love it, and I want to have the same wonderful experience working for you guys as well as using the audio app for my own needs.

Take care and have a wonderful day. >

I received an email stating they would look at my application yesterday and they were planning to make the editor a bit more accessible or have the person submit a document instead, how ever they had no date ( not surprising).

Fast forward to today when I received an email from them stating I did not get the job. I’m used to rejection letters but this one takes the cake. Following is an entry from what I like to call my job journal.

Entry from my job journal

Applied to REV voice recording for a transcription job on 21 February. The application process is accessible until the editor. Then it half way is. I spoke to them and they said they would review my application. Here is their response.

Dear Sarah Alawami,
Thank you for applying for the transcriptionist position with Rev. We have rigorous minimum standards and unfortunately your application did not meet those.
Please do not contact Rev regarding this decision, as we are unable to further elaborate on our reasons.
Again, thank you for your interest in working with Rev. You may re-apply in six months.
Rev Recruiting

My reaction

I posted about this on facebook and a lot of people agree with me that what they did is uncalled for.

What do I intend to do about this? I plan to remove REV voice recorder from my iOs device as I will not support a company that is rude to their future job applicants. This as I stated is uncalled for and I urge all of you to leave a bad review, or what ever it takes to get this companies attention. if they are going to treat me like this, who knows how they treat their employees.

comments? I want your thoughts on what to do next. If the rest of the job market is like this, then getting a job to me is pointless. Leave your feedback in the comments.

Author: Sarah Alawami

licenced amature radio operator, loves to read and sing.

  • Sarah A

    I plan to have this spread far and wide. As stated this is uncalled for.

  • Argos Wolf

    I think REV is a scam of some kind. I also applied for the transcription job and got rejected. I think I did a pretty good job. And by searching online there seems to be one constant with the rejections: racism. I spread the word about REV with my friends and it’s curious how only my white friends got accepted. The ones that were not white or had a foreign last name did not make it and of them has an english major. Go figure.

    • Sarah A

      Interesting point. I will not bring up that subject, but I no longer use their recording software, good as it was. And there’s no proof they are discriminating against disability or race as they can deny it. Sad really.
      Thanks for your comment. I forgot I wrote that. Lol!

    • Natasha Vermeer

      I’m white and got rejected. :/

      • Sarah A

        If you are also visually impaired this also brings up my point of discrimination against the disabled. We are fully capable of doing the task, but they don’t want to higher us. Sad really. I’m surprised there is no class action suit against them, only problem is there is no proof besides what I wrote, which is true, and what they said, which sound suspicious. These are just my thoughts on a blustery Monday morning.

        • Brad Smith

          Might want to change higher to hire. Maybe will help with the job search.

  • Bon Mot

    I applied, did a 100% perfect job on the essay, questions and the transcription. Aced the training, watched the slide presentations twice each, watched the training videos twice each. I’m white and not disabled. They sent me the same letter of rejection. I’m extremely disappointed. I can’t understand what their standards are. Anyway, that kind of ruined my day.