blog post: Thanks to the jetpack team for making changes to the sharing section of their plugin


Hello to all. I’d like to intro this by referring back to a post I did earlier on the jetpack plugin.. I’d mentioned some changes needed to be made to the sharing part of the plugin to make it more user friendly. I demonstrate this in a youtube video which can be found here.



In speaking to the jetpack team and showing them what needed to be done about a month ago (the video how ever was created today) they explained to me what was going on and how to proceed. Here is my video response.



I’d like to thank the jetpack team for working so hard to make this possible for us blind and visual impaired users. who use the jetpack plugin on their blogs. Feel free to play with the share buttons on every post you want to share now.

your feedback is most welcome. Feel free to leave it on the comments, or email me direct using the feedback form.

Author: Sarah Alawami

licenced amature radio operator, loves to read and sing.

  • Hi there!

    Jeremy from the Jetpack team here. I’m glad to hear that worked!

    Can you think of anything more we could add to the form to make things more obvious? Would a “Help” tab help?

    Seeing how VoiceOver reacts when you browse the buttons on your site, I wonder if the Official button style is the best fit for your site; The “Text”, or “Icon + Text” style might be more accessible. It might be worth giving it a try!

    • Maybe. I really don’t know. it’s worth a try. I’m just glad it’s working and you guys responded so quickly.

      The help tags or maybe a thing that can be dismissed explaining how it works, but that’s all I can think of for now.

    • Ok. I notice that the share frames are numbered instead of the names of the frame.I know the order of the thing as I put it in that order, how ever I think that on the main page where all of my posts are the frames should not be numbered consecutively as this might cause confusion, and it does not have a professional feel, not to me anyways. For an example go to the listen page at you will see what mean.

      so far all seems to be working quite good. thanks for again fixing this.

      • Ah Ok. so is there a away to change this as I don’t want to confuse my visually impaired and sighted counterparts and teachers who might be using this as a resource. I guess changing the hare button style in the share section of jetpack might work. Maybe the text only option?

        Thoughts? Thanks.

        • The Text only option is good, but you can also use the “Icon + Text” option: the markup is almost the same and shouldn’t confuse anyone, but it will make the buttons stand out a bit more.

          That’s just a personal preference, though. Both should be just fine!

  • I’m afraid that’s caused by the Official sharing buttons, which are in fact iFrames injecting the buttons as they appear on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    Could you try to use the “Icon + Text” or “Icon” button style in Settings – Sharing in your dashboard?

    Let me know if it helps.