How to change voice over’s rate to something above 100 percent

In this episode i go over how to change voice over’s rate and volume to something above 100 percent. I’ve provide an example vopref file to work with. Here is an example of a pref file you can play with. This will take some getting used to when you navigate Xcode’s tables, but it is very much doable. Xcode can be found in the mac app store. Enjoy.


Author: Sarah Alawami

licenced amature radio operator, loves to read and sing.

  • Richard Morgan

    I really would like to increase voice over rate and this is the only ref on the internet I’ve found on how to do this. Can you please repost this information or share with me info on where I can find instructions ?

    • Sarah A

      Hello. Thanks for commenting. I’ve updated the post, I fixed the media link. It should be working now. Let me know if you have any issues at all. I apologize deeply for the issue.