looking at check formally known as page once

I take a look at an app called check. This is an app that allows you to keep track of your accounts, or account, depending on your situation. It will also let you keep track of credit cards and more. I go through the app and then go through how to pay a bill. I really love this app. [signoff]

Looking at game center on ios7

In this episode I take a look at game center which comes with ios7. I go through the settings, and have a bit of trouble, but I’m sure at the time of the recording it was apple’s servers that broke. [signoff]

looking at run keeper: an iOS app

I take a look at
run keeper,
an iOS app that lets you keep track of your walking, driving, etc. There are several accessaries you can buy, but I take you on a live walk to show how the controls are laid out. enjoy [signoff]

A look at survey gizmo

In this episode I take a look at a site for creating surveys. It is sort of accessible and there are some work arounds. I wish they would fix some stuff, but one can only hope. I did contact their support and I hope all of you using the survice do the same.

Here is an example of one of the surveys I created on survey gizmo so you can try out an example. Thi s is real so make it count.

Survey link is here.


A look at my local tv: a way to view the news in your area

In this episode, I take a look at an app recommended to me called My Local TV. This is an app for looking at the news in your area. Note: I’m in the USA so results even down to the city you live in may vary. For example they did not have the works I expected in my area so I had to go with one that is, let’s say, a bit bias in the way they give the news. Enjoy the demo. Any comments, question, and feedback especially for content are more then welcome. If ai can review it I will. If I cannot I’ll reference you to places that will. Feel free also to leave track backs and blog comments to help others as well.

a look at down cast for osx

I take a look at down cast, a new application for mac users. There is an introductory price of $9.99 so get it whilst you can. I love this app as it is very organized and fun to use. The devs are also very wonderful to work with.

looking at rs games bingo

I take a look at rs games bingo, a new release by the company. I go over the rules and how to play and play with 2 or 3 bots. Enjoy.

looking at unlister: an iOS app for unsubscribing from junk emails

I take a look at
an app for easily with a few clicks, unsubscribing from junk mail, either from subscribing to store alerts or what not. The app is 99 percent accessible wihta few quirks. I try and go over those but it’s a relitavly easy app to go through. and the unsubscribing option is painless as 90 percent of the time it’s automatically done for you.


taking a look at the seeing eye gps app: a podcast by Darron Duff

This is a podcast done by @blinddrummer. he goes over the app from the main interface to creating a rout and more. if any of you have any questions regarding the app, field the questions to him.