blog post: My view point about what fleksy did, and an over view of the new fleksy VO app

Yesterday (january 31 2014) Fleksy released its new
app As many of you know they have a
voice over specific app.
This has caused many a concern amongst the blind population as they are worried about fragmentation, and other issues and as one twitter user put it “I was a beta tester of @Fleksy and think they have completely exploited the blind community shame on you Fleksy” I how ever am not too worried as I have been testing fleksy since its infancy in 2012 and I know they can produce a superior product. I should add that this voice over app update is for iOS. I have to disagree with the statement above and here are my reasons in the remainder of this post.

As stated yesterday they came out with a new app that is now inaccessible to voice over users and they want us to install the voice over app. This is fine by my part. I can still type an email and send it successfully. See the screenshot pictured here.
an email with one mistake in it typed in fleksy Note I had to correct the mistake. I think this is a good move on fleksy’s part as it would be filled with features we will never use. Since I am not a sighted person i cannot tell what those are, but you sighted folks reading the blog can pitch in.

Reactions among the blind community

As stated I think Fleksy are doing a wonderful job when it comes to what they are doing. I am therefore shocked as to how some of the blind in general are reacting toward this news. As seen on this person’s
blog post,
they are uninstalling fleksy because of this move. This to me is an extreme reaction and should be taken in to consideration very carefully. We as the blind tend to over react, in that if it does not work anymore of if things don’t go my way I will just uninstall the app and wine about it. Some folks even on the applevis site are concerned as well.
will fleksy not be in the hall of fame any more?
I personally think it should be: it still is a very good app, it can save someone battery if they don’t have a bt (blue tooth) key board, it is very productive, it is feature rich, and devs are now encouraged to incorporate it in to their apps, of which there are 3 at the time of this writing.

I can see where fragmentation might worry some visually impaired people, and they have the right to think this, but by all means, be more proactive and professional in your feed back when giving it. Give the app a chance, below I will post a small overview for those that are new to the app.


Here is a slight overview of the fleksy window. Pictured here is the main screen with no letters typed yet on it. <blank fleksy screen with no letters typed After holding down your finger at the top you get a menu pictured here Here is what it looks like with no typing menu when you have a blank fleksy screen and here is what it looks like with typing, showing your various options. fleksy menu with options after you have typed. In this case it's the word test These might vary according to your device, how ever just tap the one you want to accomplish and it’s done. You might need to correct some mistakes but over all fleksy is very good and the team are doing their job right in my opinion.

I hope that people will think of their reactions and take them in to consideration and give fleksy another chance. The team are trying their hardest and they do not deserve the attitude that some of us are giving. As for me I’ll stick it out and see what they have to offer in their product line up.

Comments and questions are more then welcome. What are your thoughts, be constructive in your feedback. Should fleksy have done what they did and why.


firefox accessibility going by by for us mac users/

in late 2011 i did a youtube video regarding firefox and its accessibility. It at the time it was very promising. Now how ever things have changed. I just now ran the latest firefox released june 18 of this year (2013) and it appears we went back to square 1.


  • no menu bar,
  • no way to open a url, that is cmd l and cmd o and even control l don’t’ work.
  • cmd q does not work to quit the app therefore you have to force quit.

there are probably other things i’m missing but this is what i noticed on first looking at the app. You can read the initial blog post
i have no idea aha thappened as before when i did the youtube video firefox worked pretty well, it was slow but it worked. Hope one day it will be ready for prime time use for the mac os platform. Your comments are more then welcome here, as well as tips and tricks.

Should accessing news sources be a crime?

This is so ridiculous. I can see many teenagers being scared to access the news. Here is a quote from the website which i’Ll link to.

“Yet, disturbingly, the departments of justice (doj) of both the bush and Obama administrations have embraced an expansive interpretation of the computer fraud and abuse act (cfaa) that would literally make it a crime for many kids to read the news online. And it’s the main reason why the law must be reformed.”

Here is an excerpt from one of these news sites.

"You may not access or use the covered sites or accept the agreement if you are not at least 18 years old.”

The article goes on but i’ll let you read it yourself.

You can access the article at this site.</>

blog post: samsung attempts to sue apple to get rid of voice over on all iOS devices

Yes you read the subject right. the patent troll also known as samsung is attempting to get rid of voice over on all iOS devices. here is the link to the story on the bbc. And here is an email posted by a list member. I got his permission to post this. and I agree 100 percent.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please forgive my email but a very valuable piece of information has been brought to my attention that affects blind IT users everywhere who use apple hardware. For those who know and those who don’t. Samsung Electronics has filed a patent removal case against Apple. inc over the accessibility component called “Voiceover” also it’s other assistive technology components developed over iOS. To set the record straight on this, Voiceover for both OS X and iOS is developed by apple and NOT samsung electronics. The assistive technologies pack built into iOS is developed by Apple and NOT samsung. With this attack from Samsung against apple, If a court rules in favour of Samsung, Apple will be forced to remove Voiceover and all assistive components related to the iOS interface. This will affect all blind and visually impaired / print impaired users as well as those with complex learning and communication disabilities. We as a disabled community must stand firm and support the necessary bodies connected to fighting against Samsung Electronics challenge against apple. If Samsung are allowed to continue, they would be found guilty through a class action suit of disability discrimination and human rights violations. So that anyone on the internet reads this message, If you’re a manufacturer or developer of hardware / software, understand that disabled people use your products and have an equal right to use your products as well as you. Imagine if you will, a situation where you woke up to see nothing but black for the rest of your life and have to rely on your other senses to work for you, you won’t be able to drive, read a newspaper, NOTHING AT ALL! without support and adaptive technologies and toools. These products exist for a reason, to promote equality. Please forgive this off topic email. We must do something proactive and legal to make ourselves heard. We are human, just like the rest. Just because we cannot see clearly or at all, does not mean we cannot exist in this world. When we are walked all over, do we not feel pain? When we are wounded, do we not cry out? We are equal to all others and just because our bodies are impaired in one way or another, Don’t shut us out. We are just like you!

So what are we going to do. Boycoting is not an option as there are too few of us to do it and it will not hurt them. I’d like your thoughts and comments regarding this matter. Do you think it’s a good idea for samsung to block voice over and all accesses functions of the iOS devices just so they can take over?


What will become of msn’s third party support in 2014?

I guess we’ll see what happens concerning msn and Adium. Frankly, I’m not happy that Adium might have to drop msn support because Microsoft will no longer support connecting to third party apps in 2014. I’m hoping Microsoft will reconsider their decision as I used to connect to Miranda. See the podcast I did on miranda. There are other clients such as trillion and not all of us will want to use skype. With that out of the way here is the blog post.

Adium – Blog » Microsoft will be dropping MSN for Skype: “”

So as you can see Adium basically has their hands tied. I want your thoughts on this in regards to what’s going to happen or what you think might happen in the coming year and explore all aspects of all os’s that use third party clients to access msn services.


kindle accessibility: a podcast by Alleson of the gwenna cast.

Alleson talks about the kindle app and a letter campaign going on at the apple vis site to let amazon that we need the kindle app to be accessible, not just for readers but college students like myself. Amazon has a history of not making their products accessible unless they are sued, I hope we can send enough letters to do this. Just follow the prompts at the campaign for the month part on the apple vis home page. Thanks all, and good luck.


copyright rant by Allison from the gwenna cast

Allison rants about a bill that I believe is dead by now. However this is an issue to consider for the future.

The opinions expressed on this episode are not the opinions of tffp or anyone associated with tffp. We take no responsibility for what might result from said opinions of our guests.