Looking at game center on ios7

In this episode I take a look at game center which comes with ios7. I go through the settings, and have a bit of trouble, but I’m sure at the time of the recording it was apple’s servers that broke. [signoff]

looking at papa sangre part 2-1 up to the submarine level

In this ep I take a further look at papa sangre ii (see last ep for link) up to the submarine level. The phone to me feels quite sluggish to the point where i can’t escape the steam thing that is there. . I hope this can be addressed and looked in to. Comments on the twitter and facebook posts of this are more then welcome.


Looking at papa sangre i part 01

In this episode I take a look at
papa sangre.
This is part 1. There is a part 2 but listen for that in the next podcast. It takes me a while to go through I think the 4th level. Enjoy.