part 3 of the nevada nfb state convention 10-31-2015

We discuss more about students involvement with the local nevada colleges here and how to obtain your class accommodations here in the state of nevada. We also here from the ben program and what that is. Any feedback on what you here is more then welcome. Let’s have a lively , but professional, discussion on what’s going on in regard to the blind. Any feedback is more then welcome in the disqus frame.

A note to the listener. You might here what sounds like a bump in audio. This is because the battery in the archiver’s recorder died and they had to replace quickly. We did it as quickly as possible, but when technology decides it wants to die it picks the most inopportune moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

part 2 of the nevada nfb state convention 10-31-2015

IN this part 2, we talk more about braille and how importent it is especially for studcents and children. We also hear from the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation.

part 1 of the nevada nfb state convention 10-31-2015

In this part 01 We hear about how braille is important and about non 24 sleep disorder. Not all of this got archived as there was some technical difficulties. I hope you enjoy. Any feedback can be placed in the disqus frame.

03 last day of exhibit hall adventures at the acb 2014 convention 07-16-2014

This is the last day of interviews and demos. I start out by interviewing elegant insights, then I find sprint, and lastly I talk to a few amateur radio operators and learn about some new equipment for my baofeng uv5r. Join me for some last day fun filled adventures including some navigating to lunch.

Feedback is more then welcome on coverage of this year’s exhibit hall from the acb 2014 convention in Las Vegas, nv.

01 getting to the acb convention

Here is the adventure, or in some cases misadventure of me getting to the acb convention. I use for those unfamiliar with how things work in the states a form of travel called pera transit. The service is differently named in other parts of the USA but enjoy. I’ll also be using my baofeng uv5r to communicate with fellow hams in the hotel. If you are in the area my call sign is KE7ZUM and I’ll be hanging out on 147.480

05: banquet of-sws-regional-seminar-march-2013

We gear from our key note speaker and have a lot of fun at the banquet. The food could have been a lot better, but the fun and friendship were there, and in the end that’s what matters.

04: afternoon session part 2 of sws regional seminar march 2013

This is part 2 of the afternoon session. We end early due to a break out session for the NOBPC.

03: Afternoon session part 1 of of sws regional seminar march 2013

We have some fun after lunch. The bureau services of the blind of nevada is our highlight.

02: Morning session part 2 of sws regional seminar march 2013

This is part 2 of the morning session. We have some more Q&A on some interesting topics.

01: Morning session part 1 of sws regional seminar march 2013

This is part 1 of the south western regional student seminar held in Las Vegas, nevada on march 23rd 2013. We have some tech problems but they do end up getting resolved. No links to info as I left my agenda at the hotel.