my favorite audio boos

Hello and welcome to this part of the site. Here you will find audio boos I’ve favorited from other users as well as stuff I just think is entertaining.

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thanks ,and enjoy.

thughts about some changes in audio boom land

Here are my thoughts. I’m receiving more comments by the pound in favor of the changes.. Click the play butto to listen

A soda pop misadventure.

Here is a soda pop mis adventure I think you will love.

I shot the laptop: a parody done by one of my twitter followers.

Remember when that youtube video circulated when the father shot the girl’s laptop to bits because she posted something bad on facebook? Well, here is a parody done by one of my twitter followers regarding this. Note: the views expressed here are not those of the podcaster or anyone else affiliated with tffp.

How to use air drop.

Here is a bit of a look at air drop from the perspective of one of my followers on audio boo. he is very threau on how to use it.

Accessibility of blackboard rant

and here is a rant done january 2014 regarding the accessibility testing guidelines of black board, the online platform many on line classes use.

Looking at lost cities

A friend of mine was confused on the game so I decided to play this game and lose gracefully. Ok, the lose part was not planned. Enjoy.

Here is a montage of those of us on an audio boo channel that took part in the #als ice bucket challenge. This really explains what it is. Good job to the maker of the montage.


Here is a board, or playlist that I think you will love if you like music. I’m right now learning a programing code called lily pond. I’m just starting out but with a lot of time I can make a lot of progress. Enjoy.

and here is a board for my music and indi artists I like to promote every once in a while. I also will have my conducting and choral experiences, some of them anyways, on the board as well. So watch this space.

And here is a board of an event i participated in from june 22nd to 23rd of 2013. Enjoy.

and here is my amature radio board.

and my QSO’s board.

follow me through my journey through the world of the amateur radio operator

Here is a playlist with some postings of acb2014 in Las Vegas, nv