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Thanks for fining us. I hope you will enjoy the shows as much as we do introducing them. If you missed or do not want to scroll through the page every month we have a newsletter where we highlight the month's episodes, and announce what's new on our patreon. page.

Jun 12, 2019

This is the last update of shooter concept demo for probably a while. The forum post at the audio games forum was taken down, I won’t go into why as that’s not the purpose of this podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to show accessibility and have fun. I would like to welcome all new listeners through our various platforms such as, spotify, iTunes, facebook etc.

A note on the facebook page. We no longer have it. It was taken down due to some issues. Instead I’ve telegram that we will hav a telegram channel which you can now view with out loging in. If you want to do so before subscribing (you will get excerpts, and there is even a poll you can take) go here

Again a warm welcome to everybody and I hope to see all of you on the telegram channel.

By the way, a warm welcome to Will. Thanks for supporting the podcast. If you would like to do the same you can go to [out patreon[( you will get full eps, no adds and a shout out from me. The higher tears will of corse get you more, but if you cannot, word of mouth is the best.