Looking at text synch for ios

In this episode i go over
text synch for ios

an app for typing text quickly from any computer to yrou iphone. I have some questions regarding the app so if anyone can answer them i’d be more then greatful. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment field.

what’s new in the facebook for ios app as of may 27, 2014

I go over the new face book update as of may 27, 2014. I first talk about how to get to your recent posts, then I go over some of the issues. If you want to leave them feedback, feel free to email them, or tweet them.

All feedback is more then welcome regarding this post and others I’ve done.

Looking at instacart

I take a look at instacart an app for iOS that allows delivery of your groceries from selected stores. These guys are expanding, so it might be in your area soon.

The app does need some accessibility work. I show this in the podcast. This podcast is designed mainly for the developers of instacart as I’m treating this as an audio version of a usability memo. Here are the key points I go over along with screen shots. This is after a bit on accessibility in ios.

  • I start out first by going over the main screen and its problems, or actually only 1 problem. There is an unlabeled button at the top left of the screen.
    picture of the main window
  • I then next search for a product and attempt to browse for it. As shown in the audio part of this the price never shows up.
    picture of the brows  window
  • I then show some search results. again this part is not usable.
    picture of some search results
  • I then end by stumbling on the main window. This is the only part I think that is usable for us.
    image of the main main screen

As seen, this app needs some improvement in terms of accessibility. A search on the applevis site will reveal some discussion on the app in question.

Any feedback on this blog post is helpful. I think I might have gotten the screenshots misaligned from the recording, but at least they will help a bit.

Feel free to share this post and leave your feedback regarding this software.

Looking at blindfold racer, a new ios game

In this episode I take a look at blindfold Racer an ios app designed with the blind in mind. I stop midway through the game as it crashed. I hope you enjoy. I had a lot of fun doing this podcast. Feedback is most welcome.

Looking at the soni PCMD100 digital recorder: a podcast done by Neal Eurs

Neal takes a look at the Sony pcmd100 digital recorder. He talks about the layout of the recorder, compares mics and has a surprise and fun mishap that turns out all right in the end.

Neal does several reviews on this podcast so check this one out. You won’t regret it.

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Looking at the new audio boo ios update

In this episode I take a look at the new
audio boo iOS app update that came out on april 24, 2014.

I go over trimming and how it can be improved. I follow that up by leavingĀ¬ a comment on a boo and discussing a work around that you need to do as you cannot hear characters echoed back at you or even edit unless you do said work around. I end by discussion with channels and what they are.

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy.

unboxing my mac: recorded may 7 2014

macbook air, osx, hardware, unboxing, having too much fun]

This is an unboxing of my new mac book air I got on may 9 2004. This is also up on audio boo, unedited and with out my contct info. Any comments and questions are welcome. The mac book air has 8 gigs of ram, 256 gigs of hard drive space, is an 11 inch early 2014 and has an i7 1.7 gig processer terbo boosted up to 3.7 gigs when needed.

adendum to cloud convert podcast: batch convert files on the fly

I take a look at cloud convert’s ability to quickly batch convert files. YOu cannot I don’t think chage any settings, how ever this is a quick way to do this if you are are a work, school, etc.

Looking at cloud convert: an ios app for remote conversion

In this episode I take a look at
cloud convert, an ios app for conversion of files from one format to antoehr that’s done in the cloud. This is 100 percent accessible and I comend the developers for taking the time to make it so.

Any comments or questions can be left in the comments area after every post or via the comment line which can be gotten at the end of every file.


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